Android Mobile Application Development: Trends to Follow

Android Mobile Application Development

Smartphone has become an integral part of our everyday life. From waking up with a morning alarm to checking emails, it has become an important and useful part of our everyday life. With the thriving growth in smartphone users, the number of mobile apps has also increased. There are billions of people are using the Android smartphone all across the world and Android Mobile Applications have also become an essential part of their lives. The whole world seems using these apps as these apps play a very important role in simplifying the life and fulfil day to day requirements of users. Trends in Android App Development seem unlimited.

Here we have provided a brief about the latest Android mobile app development trends.

Android Instant Apps:

This is really a revolutionary trend in the world of Android apps these days. An Instant app is the version app that can be easily and quickly installed on Android smartphones without a proper internet connection. It is a compact and smaller version of the entire app. It is downloaded as a web page on the device and therefore does not occupy much space in device’s memory.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of this trend of Instant apps. For example, any user who is using an Instant app while not have access to the entire app. Also in such case, the user will just use the app and uninstall it, the user will not install updates for the app. This may cause less revenue generated for developers.

However, for Google, it could be a bit beneficial as it would increase the volume of apps downloaded through the web.

Improvement of Security features for Android Apps:

All of us are highly dependent on Android apps. So we have to install them on your device. Many apps demand access to the data on your device. So it is very necessary to ensure that our data is highly secure.

Android developers may use following tips in order to develop secure apps:- They can use Android Application Sandbox. it is helpful in isolating code execution and app data.
– There are various application frameworks that provide robust security features such as secure IPC, permissions, etc.
– Various errors related to memory management can be ruled by using latest technologies like ASLR, ProPloice, OpenBSD dl malloc, etc.
– Developer can also implement

  • User granted permissions – to protect user data
  • Application-defined permissions – to protect app data

Android developers are also trying their best to secure the data of their customers. There had been great improvements in Android OS regarding security features from Android 6.0 and we may see much more such enhancements in the latest version of Android that Android Oreo 8.1.

Improving artificial intelligence features:

Many Android users look for artificial intelligence features in Android smartphones while buying a new one. The best example of artificial intelligence is Voice recognition. This is really important for Android game developers. They keep on doing their research in order to include more and more artificial intelligence into their games so that they look almost real. Gamers should have a realistic experience while playing games.

AI is also used in various other Android apps such as

  • Smart camera apps that have filters, face recognition, etc.
  • Smarter keyboard apps that predict the word and autocorrect them as per your usage.
  • Voice based personal assistant apps, etc.

So these are few of the trends that are currently the hot topic in Android Application development world. If you are looking for a company for Android App Development, you should choose a reliable one. You can also hire an Android Developer who assures you a quality app that meets your requirements and trends.

Following are the few ways by which you can hire Android developers:

  • You may contact a company that provides android development services
  • A freelance Android developer can be hired by posting your requirement on various sites such as, etc.
  • You can also hire a part-time android developer by posting your requirement on various job portals.

Hope you find this guide useful and informative. Do comment if you have any query associated with android app development.

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