Android mobile app development vs iOS app development

Android Vs iPhone for Enterprise – What to Consider

What to consider: 

Android Mobile App Development or iPhone Application Development?

A Mobile App Development Company provides you with both services but you have to decide what would be better for your enterprise.

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Earn more money in Website design

5 Steps: Create More Money In Website Design

How to earn more money in Website design?

In today’s digital world every business makes it big by having a great website. So businesses small or big choose a good website design for getting more potential clients. Even if the demand for website design has increased many do not make the money and this is because they are good designers, not great business minded. There are some simple, but very important steps that will assist in improving the income.

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5 Steps to Hire a Professional Web Development Company

The website plays a very important role in making any business popular. Sometimes entrepreneurs have to deal with lots of issues associated with their website launch. Sometimes they choose the wrong Web Development Company that does not work professionally and delivers the project on time.  If you are going to hire a Web Development Company, then you have to compare the friendliness and interaction level of software facilities as a company that listens to customers and keeps them updated at each stage of SDLC can deliver most effective and effectual solutions. Here in this guide, Continue reading

Top 8 features of Node.js

Top 8 features of Node.js

Features of Node.js

Node.js, an open-source platform has widely gained its popularity especially because of using JavaScript as the main language to build web applications. It is a server framework, and free of cost available. It is created by Ryan Dahl.

As JavaScript is amongst the most preferred language among the developers, therefore the transition for them from any other technology to Node.js was like a boon.

Using Node.js, now a developer can run the JavaScript outside his web browser which he have created on various platforms. Without Node.js, it wasn’t possible.

That’s why Node.js became so much important as if the developer tries to execute a JS on his web browser, then the application was limited up to a certain extent and therefore wouldn’t be able to leverage all the features available.

In this article, we have listed down top 8 features of the Node.js Framework that makes it better from other frameworks.

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7 Reasons Why React Native is Getting so Popular

Created by the developers of Facebook, React Native- the native version of the JavaScript library is amongst the popular framework since its inception. Even the searching trends of the React Native crossed the Android & iOS by a huge margin. You can see the Google Trends Report below:

The React Native has been very successful especially in maintaining its status in the era, where a new library of JavaScript is introduced every day. It would not be untrue if I say that React could be the future of mobile development. It can be used for creating applications in every platform whether it is Android, iOS, or Windows. The UI building blocks are also the same as that of iOS and Android apps. Also, it is very fast, efficient and reliable for both web and mobile applications.

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Cross-platform means that the same component can work on both iOS and Android and the majority of the React Native applications are cross-platform.

In the case, when the design implications are different for Android & iOS, then React provides its specific file extensions and modules. The platform module detects the operating system on which it is running and then define the implementations as per the platform. The specific files extensions define the files as per that platform.

  1. Short Development Cycles

By using React Native, the development of applications becomes faster and consumes much less time. As it is an open source project, there are a lot of components easily available for use. On average, the development time gets reduced by 30% by using these components.

  1. Live Updates and CodePush

Live Updates is one of the biggest advantages of using React Native for mobile applications development. Now without going through the app store update cycle, the developer can easily push the updates the user’s phone. Extensive JavaScript usage made this possible.

In iOS development, prolong approval time is quite common. But updating all the user’s applications on the fly ensures makes sure that now the developer won’t have to deal with the older version problems.

  1. React Native Develops Near Native Apps

Apps developed using React Native performs as like any Native app. As JavaScript is not as much fast as a native language i.e. Swift or Java, but React along with JavaScript is able to run even the complex apps smoothly. The JS part runs on its own thread, so the UI animation of the app doesn’t lag.

  1. A Better Environment of Development

React Native provides a better interface for the developers. For e.g. the hot reloading feature refreshes the UI on the instant when the developer made any change to the file. React Native removes the dullness of the re-building and deploying by the iteration cycle for better development experience.

  1. Code Sharing across different platforms:

React Natives helps the developers by providing the feature of code reusability. Hence, the developer doesn’t need to write the same lines of code multiple times using the same logic. Apart from this, the mobile app is also consistent for users on different devices. Nearly 90-95% is achievable across Android and iOS devices.

  1. Scope of using the Native Code

Using React Native, the developers can merge native components of Objective-C, Java, and Swift, i.e. the developer can boost the performance by developing customized native components and then binding them together.

Also React Native is very affordable, in fact, if you are looking for a budget constrained solution with good UI & UX and best performance, then React Native is the best choice.


Magento Vs Shopify: Which one you should choose in 2020?

Magento Vs Shopify: Which one you should choose in 2020?

Magento Vs Shopify

While stepping your business towards online E-commerce, choosing an e-commerce platform absolutely plays a vital choice. It can be even a factor for growing up or scaling down your business. It is most critical for small and medium scale businesses which have limited resources and budgets.

When choosing E-commerce, two platforms have been long-term contenders in this domain, Magento and Shopify. Magento has been the biggest player for complex and larger e-commerce applications while Shopify has gained popularity for “all in one” platform as it handles hosting, web design, payment gateways, and shipping too. These platforms are apparently quite similar yet different in multiple ways.

In this article, we have jotted down the fundamental differences between these platforms, by analyzing which you would be able to figure out which one suits your business requirements best.

Magento vs Shopify: Both are two widely acclaimed and adopted e-commerce portals which are having huge differences that you should know before giving a comparative evaluation of the two.

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Laravel 6.0

Laravel 6.0: New Features and Upgrades

On 3rd September 2019, a new version 6.0 of Laravel was released, taking forward the tradition of releasing a new version almost every 6 months. The new version indicates how the framework is growing with little but important development in features and the modification to semantic versioning. Through this blog, you will get to know the new updates that are important to know to decide whether you should update to the new version.
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Why Laravel is the best PHP framework?

Why Laravel is the best PHP framework?

PHP is amongst the most popular and oldest web development languages. There are many frameworks in PHP among which Laravel is the most popular framework.


Laravel framework is developed and currently maintained by Taylor Otwell. It is an open-source PHP framework. The architectural patterns are mostly based on Symfony. It is an advanced and better alternative to the other PHP frameworks. It is a robust PHP framework and gives developers a range of varied tools to develop a seamless robust application.

Its first stable version was released in June 2011. Currently, its latest version is Laravel 6.0

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What Is The Blockchain Technology

What Is The Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has completely transformed the way transactions take place. The innovative technology is the talk of the hour as it provides more security to the data. It can create irreversible and distributable data records. It is then shared peer-to-peer among the database systems. Using the blockchain technology, it is possible to send data to the recipient without any changes. It is also not possible to recognize the data until it reaches its destination. It means that the data is highly secure and is protected from the threat of data breaches. The sophisticated technology can bring revolution in the healthcare sector. You may wonder how? Before delving deep into it, you need to know the history of the blockchain. It will help you understand it well.

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web application maintenance

Why web application maintenance and support is a matter of thing?

Launching a web application for either your business, organization, blog or any other purpose has always been a big undertaking. As a client, you may be tempted to see the launch day as the ending line of the project, but actually, it is the beginning of a new growth phase.

As like a house or a car, you keep it maintained so that it will go for a longer time,  a web application is something which also requires proper maintenance. In the website maintenance, plenty of things gets include such as new updates, security, repairs, new features will keep your web application runs swiftly, and meets the needs of your user base.
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