Difference Between Agile Vs Waterfall

Difference Between Agile Vs Waterfall

Choose the right methodology?

When you are working on project implementation, the first decision you have to take is regarding the methodology you have to opt for. So, choosing the right methodology is essential for successful project completion and execution. Many times you have to participate in a heated discussion with your team members regarding the type of methodology that fits perfectly for your current project. You have two different mythologies for project development. However, Let’s look into them and know their differences.

It will help you make the right choice for completing the project successfully as per customer specifications.

What is Waterfall

The Waterfall Methodology is the traditional approach in software development. It is also referred to as Linear Sequential Life Cycle Model(earlier SDLC approach). It is because it follows a chronological order of events. The team members can move to the next phase of software development or testing when they complete the previous step successfully.

While is Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology is the Rapid Application Development type of methodology that is gaining popularity among software companies. While it is relatively new compared to the Waterfall methodology, it is in existence from the early 2000s. It is a practice that encourages continuous iteration during the entire lifecycle of software development as well as testing. In addition, The methodology is implementing using the SCRUM framework. Unlike the waterfall model, the development and testing take place simultaneously. The agile methodology gives importance to four core values:

  • Firstly, The team and the customer have frequent interactions over the processes and tools used for development.

  • Secondly, It gives preference to working software compared to detailed documentation.

  • Thirdly, Customer partnership has more importance over contract negotiation.

  • Moreover, If the plan changes, immediately the team responds to it.

Difference Between Agile Vs Waterfall

While the description given above can give a slight idea about the two methodologies, you need to know the intricate details to make the right decision. So, here is a comparison table of the two methodologies.

Agile Methodology Waterfall Methodology
Firstly, Flexibility is the main feature of Agile methodology. The waterfall methodology is rigid as it follows a structured software development process.
Secondly, Software development is completed as a collection of several projects. Here the development is completed as a single project.
Thirdly, The methodology allows changes in the project development requirements even after completion of initial planning. You cannot change the requirement after the start of the project development.
The Agile methodology encourages communication with developers during the requirement and planning process. The developer is not involved during the requirement and planning process in the waterfall. It can lead to time delays between testing and coding.
Moreover, It is possible to fix the errors during the middle of the project. Error fixing is possible only at the end. So, if you find requirement errors or make any changes, the project is started from the first.
The software development life cycle is divided into various sprints. The software development life cycle is divided into phases.
The team reviews the test plan after each sprint. Reviewing the test plan is not a mandatory part of the process.
Testing and development go side by side. In addition, Testing starts after the development is completed.
It can’t be effectively implemented when funding is fixed for the project For Instance, It works fine with fixed-funding projects.
In conclusion, Involves frequent discussion of requirements with the product owners. However, Requirements are finalized at the very beginning by the business analysts.


However, You need to understand the pros and cons of the methodologies to make the right decision. Depending on the project, you need to choose the methodology that fits the project goals. Moreover,  In the end, the way in which you complete the project is important. So, focus on delivering the best and solid product meeting the customer requirement.

In conclusion, by seeing the recent trends KadamTech follows the Agile methodologies to get a better success rate.  Our experts having experience in both methodologies but prefer Agile over the waterfall. In addition to any kind of web & mobile application assistant, kindly write to us at sales@kadamtech.com

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