Looking for IT partners for your startups?

Seraching IT partner for startup?

An IT startup company is defined as typically newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing a viable business model. It is about innovation and a vision for designing new models. A good vision is omnipotent; it defies all odds and gets its success. IT industry is going through a Renaissance period now. Every day new products and services are released making it highly competitive and making waves at the same time.
many startups facing many issues to find the trusted IT partner.

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PHP Framework

Which PHP framework is best for CRM apps?

PHP  is a server-side scripting language used as a general-purpose programming language for a web developer. It stood for Personal Home Page, it stands for recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. The PHP framework is a collection of software or program, used for easy coding and implementing the code. 

So integrating the PHP code with framework can help build a website. Framework offer ready to use components, libraries, enforce proven architecture, enforce file and code structure. Therefore, PHP framework makes app development easy and productive.

Using a PHP framework reduces the time and avoiding producing repetitive code. This helps in building applications rapidly (RAD). Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is also a pragmatic practice which drives future growth. CRM apps allow the sales team to manage customer relationship on the go.

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mobile app development

Mobile app comparison: Hybrid VS Native for Enterprise – What to Consider

With the technology growing by leaps and bounds, new industry types are evolving continuously. One such industry is mobile app development.

From buying groceries to finding suitors for marriage, we have mobile app development for almost everything today. Using these apps simplifies our life to a great extent, but behind the scenes is diligence and efforts of many people.Designing and developing apps require specialized skills and knowledge. Continue reading