Web Application Development: Hourly v/s fixed price

Web Application Development: Hourly v/s fixed price

Web Application Development

These days, everyone wants that they are taking a step forward that will help them to grow their business appropriately. And for the same, usually, people look forward to a Software Development Company in India. They will help them to get available with a web application that is serving to be a one-stop destination for all those who wish to deal with them.

But whenever it comes to look IT outsourcing Agency in India, multiple parameters will be going to hit in mind. But primarily, the factor which arises in mind is the pricing model settled up by them.

There are two models for pricing are available:

  1. Fixed pricing model
  2. Hourly price model (or time invested)

Fixed pricing model:

As the name suggests, in a fixed pricing model, things are fixed. The amount of company will be going to take from the person is fixed and the duration as well. The Software Development Company in India must meet the deadline and assure you to deliver the best project.

  • Inside this model:

In this model, usually, both of the parties discuss the features, functionalities, idea of the application, and all the things which will let them deal with it. Everything will be cleared to the customer in advance. After it, they will be able to understand whether it is going as per their requirement or not. In case you need some alternations, then before the work will start, they will tell them.

  • Disadvantages:

But the application which will be going to available will be simple and no complexities will be available in it. During the development of the application, they will focus on basic ideas only. After completion, they will provide things in the same manner. One cannot expect anything additional in this model.


Hourly pricing model:

This model indicates that the price which you need to pay for the app development depends upon the hours invested in it. When it comes to this pricing model, there are so many advantages available to it.

  • Inside this model

If you wish to make the changes during the development of the application, the same can be done quickly. Also, if you want to introduce some additional features, you can let the IT outsourcing Agency in India know about it. They will help you to understand the whole of the thing and providing the services accordingly.

Also, if you are looking forward to developing the application with quite Complex things, then also there is no particular issue arise. Also, in an hourly pricing model, there is no fixed deadline for this specific project.

  • Disadvantages:

This model will create a bit high on your pocket. Apart from the price no as such issue will arise.


These are the things linked with fixed pricing and hourly pricing model. It will depend upon the user which one they need to prefer. But if you want to get available with a particular answer which one you can choose, then this depends upon your pocket and your requirements.

At a glance:

PRICELess priceMore expensive than a fixed model
QUALITYQuality is compromised somewhereNo compromise with quality
IN-BETWEEN CHANGESNo in-between changes can be doneAgile methodology is followed
COMPLEX THINGS Less suited for complex projectsBest suited for complex projects


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