What's new in Laravel 7?

What’s new in Laravel 7?

Laravel is riding on a high in recent times as it is one of the most sought-after PHP web frameworks to develop web applications. The free and open-source framework created by Taylor Otwell comes with several built-in features. So, it helps developers create web apps easier and faster. The built-in features attract web developers to Laravel. On 3rd March 2020 Laravel released its 7th version of the framework. While it is not the LTS updates, it comes with several cool features along with previous fixes. According to the version support and update policy of Laravel, this update is one of the major ones. Before going to the new features of Laravel 7, you need to know that it will release new versions every six months.

1. Laravel Airlock/Sanctum

It is the authentication system for Laravel. You can use it for single-page applications (SPAs), simple token-based APIs, and mobile applications. Using it, your application user can generate multiple API tokens for their account. So, it is used to ensure the API requests have a valid authentication session or a valid token.

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2. Blade Component Tags

Laravel 7 has overhauled the Blade components. Now, it allows attribute management, tag-based rendering, inline view components, component classes, and more. It also allows you to define your own components and use them in the blade files.

For instance, to know more about this check this guide Laravel Blade Document

3. Custom Eloquent Casts

Laravel comes with a wide range of built-in cast types useful for developers. But, at times, you need to define a cast type for a specific purpose. This is possible with Laravel 7.

4. Better Routing Speed

Laravel 7 comes with better routing speed, which works well for large applications. It offers two times faster speed compared to Laravel 6. The new method of matching compiled, cached routes use the route: cache. So, an application with 800 or more routes can see improvement in speed with the request per second.

5. Fluent String Operation

Laravel 6 offers a variety of string manipulation functions helpful for the developers. But, Laravel 7 provides you with an object-oriented and fluid string manipulation library. It is built in addition to the existing functions.

6. HTTP Client

It allows you to make quick outgoing HTTP requests to speed up the communication with other web applications. HTTP Client in Laravel 7 is the minimal yet expressive API around Guzzle.

7. Multiple Mail Drivers

It is another new feature contributed by Taylor Otwell. In simple terms, it allows you to send emails with multiple email providers. Multiple mail drivers allow Laravel 7 users the configuration of multiple mailers for one application. So, each mailer can send certain email messages by using different email services.

As a result, the Laravel framework is widely popular among developers. It is the best tool for custom software development with more than fifty thousand developers from around the world praising its robust features. Laravel 7 has increased the popularity as it contains features that help the building of web apps and websites faster. Such apps and websites are easier to maintain and stable. These new features optimize the performance of web applications and websites.

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