SEO Trends in 2019

SEO Trends in 2019 You Need to Know

SEO Trends in 2019

You must have experienced that digital marketing especially SEO is becoming harder and harder. Now everyone is doing the SEO to get their websites on the top search results and therefore it is necessary to be always updated with the new SEO Trends to make sure your website always comes on top.

You need to know what strategies and tactics you should adopt in 2019 to dominate in the SERPs and earn more revenue in 2019.

Here we have listed the major factors that will show a major effect in SEO 2019:

1. Audience Understanding & User Intent:

If your website content is perfectly written and optimised, but for a wrong audience then it won’t grow your business. Focusing on audience understanding and what your audience prefers in your website is the “first step of digital marketing”. You should know whether it text? Audio? Or a Video? that your audience prefers.

In 2019, it will be important to understand what the user is expecting to find when he queries a word or phrase and you need to give the answer using the simplest way.

Earlier, the search engines gave results by matching the keywords but now it has started making sure that your content answers the questions your audience is asking via that search.

2. Structured Data Markup is also important:

Along with the AI becoming important for Google Search Results, Structured Data Markup is getting more attention as well. AI needs fast processing of contents and if it takes too much time to crawl it, it is definitely not great.

Using the information architecture, especially the metadata & structured markup, you can give the search engines to understand the supportive content structure.

3. Content Matters a lot:

The content tactic is not just about answering the user’s question and getting the users but it should also focus on how to engage the users, and then guide them for the next action.

In 2018, Google updates its algorithm, and it is focusing on evaluating the content quality of the website. After, research, the websites which provide good depth in the content coverage are on the top Google search results throughout the year.  This trend of content depth search is expecting to be continuing in 2019.

In short, “if you are just creating content to keep your website or blog alive, then it is not going to make any change“.

4. Increase investment in Technical SEO:

Every year with the evolving technologies, websites are growing in complexity, thus making the technical SEO a matter of investment. Here are some key areas where you need to loose your pocket:

  • Speed: Now Google is rewarding the sites which are faster, thus sites are now faster and simpler.
  • JavaScript: As the year changes, it means that more of the websites would be heavily JavaScript driven, so it is the time to know how the search engines play with JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue).
  • Progressive Web Applications: PWAs is an evolving trend in web development. Therefore, you need to focus on how you can make your website live as a PWA in the future.

5. Need to Increase Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness:

Also known as E.A.T, establishing Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness would be a key SEO trend in 2019. The guidelines of E.A.T are written for Google’s Algorithm raters, not for Google’s algorithm itself, but it helps to understand where Google is heading. This will helps SEOs to understand that quality comes with the context. It means that you should hire experts to author leverage data from known entities, and ensure credentials and credit is given to both, with appropriate affinity to the promoted brand.

6. On Page Optimisation:

On page optimisation would continue to be important in 2019.  You need to ensure that in your website the content should be such that answer all common questions.

  • Internal site search should be relevant
  • Short conversion process
  • Repeat customers can simply restock regular items.
  • Use of chatbots for basic questions
  • Customer support for business related questions

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