What is artificial intelligence and its role in technology

What is artificial intelligence and its role in technology

Artificial Intelligence is termed for processes which integrate human interaction and machines in an effortless way. Gathering information, analyzing it, putting reason into it, and correcting it to make complex decisions in a fraction of a second is what AI focuses on.

Therefore, its navigation systems, machine vision or even speech recognition, artificial intelligence or commonly known as AI has been making a mark across the world and has taken the tech domain by storm.

Why is artificial intelligence important?

A term coined by John McCarthy, the word is used for everything across automated robots and automated systems too. With big data gaining prominence in the world, speed and accuracy are what we look forward to as business owners.

Imagine this!

Imagine a situation where you spend 40 man days’ worth of efforts for developing a script that does a piece of job. Replace that with AI and your cycle time reduces to 10 days. Don’t you think that saves an in-exorbitant amount of time and effort? Not to mention the cost efficiency and self-learning process that comes as an additional benefit.

Classification of the AI systems

There are two forms of AI which are basically strong and weak. One might wonder why anyone needs weak AI! Well, speech recognition, responding to human questions and instructions such as Google assistant or Apple’s Siri is Weak AI. It gets the job done but does not create a path-breaking impact either.

Strong AI, on the other hand, understands human cognitive functions and responds to it naturally. Interactive systems which are capable of processing huge volumes of data and churn out better results is what strong AI is meant to be.

But how does it affect technology?

Process automation:

High volume repetitive tasks which do away with manual efforts is always desired. A process that can be achieved with one machine at 100 dollar saves you those 6000 dollars which you spend on human efforts. Additionally, it is more accurate and faster. Which one would you choose? Think assembly lines, think supply chain management, think a reduction of floor work when you integrate it, AI is the way to go.

Machine Learning:

You have a proper code in place which makes use of all kinds of predictive analysis and understanding to learn on its own. It reduces your effort and performs actions which can hook up with AI such that you track that progress.

Natural language processing:

You talk to a system, the system empathizes and responds to you in a logical and analytical way! Think that’s possible? Of course, it is. That strong AI in play which makes speech detection a real deal. Automate every mundane task in your vicinity and you would never make an error again. Understand pattern, recognize those patterns, focus on learning is what NLP looks forward to.

Who else can use it?

The possibilities are practically endless. While Integrate into CRM portals, make use of AI in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, hospitality and so much more for a better customer experience and feedback. But will it achieve the same degree of human touch? Probably we’ll find out in a couple of years.

In conclusion, Looking for more information about artificial intelligence contact to our technical expert.

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