New programming languages for developers to learn in 2020

New programming languages for developers to learn in 2020

It is smart to learn one of the existing programming languages if you begin your programming career in 2020, or if you want to learn your first or second programming language, there are several programming languages out there to figure out and learn but not all languages would be applicable to solve current business problems. Learning a new programming language is often a time- and brain-power allegiance.

If you’re a professional developer or if you’re already familiar with many programming languages, you can learn a new angle. Here this article recently describes a shortlist of seven modern languages worth learning in programming.

But if you start your programming career in 2020 or want to learn your first or second the programming language, learning one of the common and existent programming languages is wise. Let’s take a look at the list of programming languages based on criteria:

1. In the Software Development industry already mainstream and truly accepted.

2. Top-ranked Websites ranking in well-known programming languages.

3. Popularity is growing or safe, and not falling dramatically.

4. They have a large combination of libraries, frameworks, support resources, and a large community.

5. They are demanding a reasonable payment on the job market.

Here top7 New programming languages for developers to learn in 2020:

1. Python:-

As Guido van Rossum developed Python as his side project in the 1990s, no one has ever believed that one day it will be the most popular programming language.

Taking all well-recognized rankings and market developments into appreciation, people placed Python as the all-around number one programming language.

Python didn’t see a meteoric spike in popularity such as Java or C / C++. Python is not a destructive language of programming, either.

Python’s USP is its architecture for languages. It’s highly efficient, sleek, easy, and yet strong.

Python has first-class C / C++ integration, and can easily unload heavy CPU tasks to C / C++.

Today, Python is popular and used in many software development fields, with no sign of slowing down.

2. Ruby:-

If this year you want to learn a new language then begin learning to Ruby. Its Created in the 1990s, it was designed to provide a more human-friendly syntax while remaining versatile from its object-oriented architecture supporting procedural and functional notation of programming.

Ruby on Rails (“RoR”) is a Web-application framework implemented in Ruby. Ruby developers show that writing is a simple language and that learning time is almost small. These attributes have happened in a large centre of Ruby developers and increasing interest amongst beginning developers in the language. This is the best opportunity to learn this latest language with several benefits.

3. Scala:

We are learning java from the last few years and we know about Java’s features. If you’re familiar and interested in Java — a classic programming language then you would like to learn Scala, Scala combines Java’s best features (such as its Object-Oriented Layout and its glamorous JVM runtime environment) with a modern twist.

As a functional programming language, Scala allows engineers to imitate real math to increase the variety of their code. Scala allows for contemporary programming, providing for the parallel performance of multiple procedures. It is also a highly typed language.

4. Go:

The latest Core language Go is one of Google’s main languages preferred. Go is the small language it might use. Go is becoming as a low-level language for engineers wishing to enter the programming area of the systems. Minus the complicated syntax and steep learning curve, it includes most of the same features of C and C++. It is the right language for the development of web servers, data pipelines, and even machine learning units.

Go runs “next to the wall,” as a compiled language, providing for a blazing-fast runtime. It’s an open-source language and talented developers around the world

can see their contributions being embraced and appreciated by programmers.

5. Rust:

Rust is something of an opportunist between the other languages on this list, but that doesn’t mean learning is not a valuable language. Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey showed that for the fourth year in a row, Rust was the most popular programming language among developers.

Its Created by the Mozilla Corporation, Rust is essentially designed for low-level system programming, including C and C++. Still, what Rust returns to the mix is the importance of speed and safety. Rust features writing “secure code” by stopping programs from accessing pieces of memory they shouldn’t have, which can trigger unintended actions and device crashes.

Rust’s advantages mean that other big-tech companies Dropbox and Coursera are also starting to use it internally. Although it can be a bit harder to master than other beginner languages. Rust programming abilities are likely to pay off generously, as the demand for the language will only continue to develop in the near future.


Kotlin is a programming language of general use with type inference. It’s planned for Java to be completely interoperable. In addition, after Android revealed it as its first language, Kotlin has been providing features that developers are calling for. It easily incorporates features of object-oriented and functional programming within.

The effortless interoperation between Java and Kotlin makes the development of Android quicker and more pleasurable. Several Java apps are being rewritten in Kotlin since Kotlin tackles the major issues arisen in Java. Brands like Coursera and Pinterest, for example, have already migrated to Kotlin due to strong support for the software.

Google is forced to support this language rather than Java since most companies migrate to Kotlin. Hence, Kotlin’s Android app creation ecosystem has a bright future.

For Android app development, Kotlin is an easy-to-learn, open-source, and swift language that eliminates any barriers associated with adoption. You can use it for the development of Ios, Web development, Desktop development, and Server development. It’s also a must-learn language for programmers and developers of Android apps in 2020.

7. Swift:-

Swift is a compiled programming language commonly used developed by Apple that offers developers a clear and coherent syntax. It’s strongly influenced by the fast, stable, and easy-to-learn Python and Ruby.

Swift replaced Objective-C as the key language for Apple-related applications, thanks to its clarity and functional applications.

Furthermore, because Apple promotes Swift, its popularity and support to the community are growing. A report on the app store’s top 110 apps found that 42 percent of users are now using Swift.

Swift Playgrounds can be used by coders with little to no experience to learn the language, experiment with complex codes, and function on native iOS and macOS software.

Swift is the leading language for coding that lets developers build iOS apps in a short time. The programming language opens up some doors for young programmers so that they can create it great in the software development world.

There’s a big demand for iOS out there and you truly want to be a part of that. If you look at this growing market, then Swift is the language you should learn.


Near to all coders have a desirous passion to learn new languages. Knowing which languages are improving popularity, though, and can assure a better career development, will encourage you to make learning them a priority first.

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