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10 Steps to digitize your business?

Do you want to digitize your business? If yes, then you are on right track as generating a paperless of digitizing workplace help digitize business save time and money. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some critical steps that you should take in order to start a paperless system for your business. Here are the 10 Steps to digitize your business

1. Stores files in the cloud:

You might have heard about the cloud-based system, it can be so helpful. You can store files in the cloud like Dropbox. This is very easy to save your important document safe and secure. The paperless digital system can help save lots of space in the office that you need to store your important files.

2. Share files digitally:

Many businesses rely on a printer to print off lots of documents and share them with their colleagues, but this is not a right way. You should share these files with available digital methods such as Gmail, Google Docs and much more.

3. Avoid Fax and Scan:

You may have to use lots of papers when it comes to faxing and scanning. There are some apps that are available for scanning. You can use these apps via your smartphone and scan the documents and also save these scanned documents to your device and convert it to PDF.  You can share it with other people via email.

4. Digital communication:

Instead of using traditional communication method, you can encourage your employees to use digital communication methods such as instant messages or emails. Instead of paper-based messages, you should look for digital communication. It helps save your time and improves results.

5. Generate Digital Business Cards:

Business cards really need a large amount of paper but you have an option to digitize your business card. There are some apps and software available that can scan cards and convert them into a digitize business.

6. Electronic Signature:

Most of us have to print off a document and sign it physically with a pen, but instead of doing it we can use digital or electronic signature. You can use Adobe reader to sign documents without using papers or printing anything.

7. Swap paper bills for digital:

There is lots of business that generate and sent bills to you in paper form. You can ask them to send these bills in digital form.

8. Make Meetings Paperless:

You can use technology to convey your information rather than using paper handouts at meetings.

9. Train your staff to be more digitally savvy:

A digitize business needs some digital know-how. From works such as storing documents in the cloud, sending emails to communicate digitally, your workforce should be well aware of it. You should invest your time in order to train your staff to be more internet and digital savvy.

10. Have a business website;

You should show the online presence of your business and you can do it by having a business website. This website can offer your services and products online by using the internet. You can interact with your clients by using business emails and other channels.


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