Differences Between Angular And React

5 Differences Between Angular And React

    Differences Between Angular And React

“If you are a web developer, then you need to know the latest trends that help you develop a unique design”. Therefore, you need to constantly update yourself and implement new technology that will help you capture people’s interest. Before, starting a new development project, you need to opt for the best technology that suits the project completely. So you need to have good ideas about what the technology can offer you along with its advantages and disadvantages. Two of the popular development tools that have gained attention in web development are Angular and React. Both front-development tools that are well-liked by developers. But, there are some differences that set them apart. Here are the major differences between angular and react:








Data Binding


Angular offers bidirectional data flows while react allows only unidirectional data flow. So, angular allows two-way data binding, which means the changes you make in model affects the view and the changes in view affects the model.


React only allows one-way data binding that means the changes to the model affects the view, but vice versa is not possible.



DOM Usage

(Data Object Model)



Angular uses a regular browser’s DOM. So, when you change a single item, you have to render all items associated with it.



React uses a virtual DOM. Virtual DOM offers more speed and ensures it is faster making it the more popular choice. Virtual DOM is nothing but the simple version of a DOM. So, it helps you change any element quickly without changing the whole DOM. It saves times and also improves performance. So, when a single item is changed, you never have to render all the items associated with it.



Learning Curve



Angular has TypeScript, which is considered a bit harder to learn. So, you may take a little longer to grasp angular compared to React.


React uses JSX (JavaScript). So people who know JavaScript find it easy to work with React.


Support For Native Application Development



You can build a hybrid mobile app using Angular. It is a drawback for Angular as the hybrid mobile app can never outdo a native app.



React uses React Native that can help you with the task of building a mobile app for iOS or Android. The full-fledged mobile app built using JavaScript offers increased performance


App Structure



Angular follows a fully-featured MVC (Model-View-Control) framework. It allows the application division into three components like Model (representing business logic and shape of data), View (representing user-interface), and Control (which handles the user requests). So, you can manipulate it well once you grasp the concept well. So, you can use Angular for complex projects as it can help produce well-structured code that offers several benefits to your projects.


React has the only View of the MVC framework. React does not have a specific app structure and it depends entirely on the developer using it. So, people can make use of it for making the projects great or encounter pitfalls.



Benefits Of Angular And React

Now that you know the major differences, you may wonder about the pros associated with angular and react. It helps you decide the best technology that works well for your project.


If you like to maintain a project, then angular is the best choice for you. It is also ideal for quick prototyping.

  • You can create awesome mobile apps using Angular. Some stunning mobile apps are developed using the mobile framework combined with Angular. Therefore features can attract people’s attention immensely.
  • Angular can create CRUD Web apps. You can create a simple yet effective CRUD application using the Directives, Resources, as well as Services.
  • Angular can also help you create chrome extensions.
  • It is also effective in developing CSS3 animations. Developers can create cool animation using angular.


React is the best choice for large projects that allows you to easily reuse the components. It is also best for projects in which data change occurs frequently and you have to refrain from manual state transitions. So, the common projects you can use the technology are:

  • You can choose to React when you need to develop apps that display large dynamic data sets.
  • It is the best option for a project that allows the development team to exercise their freedom and use the most applicable libraries.
  • It is ideal while migration from Backbone/jQuery applications.
  • When you think about developing the web app that rolls out in iOS or Android soon.
  • Projects that enforces most significance on UI (User Interface).
  • Develop an app that is easy to read, reuse, and maintain.

Popular Companies Using Both Technologies

Angular developed by Google is the popular choice for web developers from around the world. Therefore the simplified web development process makes it one of the ideal choices. It also offers easy testing facility, which makes it the most used frameworks. While React created by Facebook has an open source that effectively builds better user interfaces. It is also a good choice for web development as it helps manage data and content of a website. Only some popular companies use both technologies for project development. In India, the famous companies that work on both technologies are:

  • Think Sys Inc.
  • GoodWorksLabs
  • Mean Sack
  • Kadam Technologies
  • Appnovation

The popular companies always experiment with the latest technologies as well as methods in your project to make it stand out. So, you can achieve an edge over your competitors as the professionals always learn and implement the latest techniques. If you want to seek assistance from a company for your web projects, make sure you choose one with a team of passionate professionals who have the experience and expertise in handling the diverse technologies. The experienced and visionary companies will certainly deliver your projects with amazing results. Consequently, a professional team can always make the right use of technology to create stunning projects that will garner appreciation from your customers.

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