Android mobile app development vs iOS app development

Android Vs iPhone for Enterprise – What to Consider

What to consider: 

Android Mobile App Development or iPhone Application Development?

A Mobile App Development Company provides you with both services but you have to decide what would be better for your enterprise.

Android mobile app development or iOS app development? 

This question has been bothering mobile app developers for a long time. The battle has been never ending between Android Mobile App Development and iOS app development. iOS mobile app development is supplemented by its robust SDK. Applications using Apple’s operating system have been customized to enable users to download it only after authorization. Android is an open-source operating system, allows the mobile app developers to experiment. Multiple sign-on through various portals have made it susceptible to malware attacks.

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What makes iOS stand out?

iOS has answers to all the security problems that have ever been reported by other OS. Users have been demanding access to multiple applications such as social networking, emails, online discussion portals & customized workplace features.

  • iOS is proven to be one of the most guarded OS a security point of view. Remote locking systems, device management, encoded data makes it effective.
  • It makes sense for technology firms to opt for iOS, integrate it with their own features through iOS application development and roll it out for usage.

How does Android stand out?

Android mobile app development isn’t far behind. It could just be the answer to the entire question that remains unanswered by iOS.

  • A mature design structure and high-level language to support have enabled multiple Android Application developers to take advantage of the open source product.
  • In-spite of being an open source platform, it is still paramount that applications be verified before being rolled out to the users. However, third-party applications are deemed more vulnerable under circumstances.
  • In spite of being a fresher in the application development market, Android has managed to gain close to 87 percent of the market share.
  • Robotics, AI & emerging technologies are used in this OS.

 Android app development

The transition from being a Java developer to an android application development is simpler. It has been enabling users to learn the frameworks peculiar to the OS and building their own applications. Android is a contender in leading the OS scenario.

Challenges Ahead

In spite of all the major raging features that both the operating systems have to offer, security is still a blazing challenge. Hackers tend to treat flashier systems as a new ground of breach establishment. Security without a doubt is a priority for both systems. It’s just the approach that tends to differ.



Android has limited potentials because of its integrations. Third party enhancements make it more vulnerable to implement.

Apple focuses on encrypting the devices to increase the cloud securities.

Any loophole left behind becomes a battleground for hackers. It’s a matter of time to figure out loopholes. Any modifications as a part of bug fixes can leave behind that space of intrusion

In spite of making major changes & developments in terms of security, iOS takes the cake in terms of durability and consistency.



Any operating system in the market can be a reason to pose threats and risks. It depends on how vulnerable is the OS to external threats and attacks. Centralizing focus on growth strategies & ignoring security risk can be an expensive deal in the long run.

Safely guarded source codes and restrictions on the changes can help prevent the lapses. Awareness & guidelines provided to users can further prove beneficial in protecting the security attacks on enterprise applications.

Each OS has its own benefits and shortcomings. However, from an economical & affordability, we recommend Android for a holistic experience. Despite the budget offers wider flexibility, it should be iOS.

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