Difference between UI and UX

Difference between UI and UX

Difference between UI & UX

We all must have heard the conversations in the IT field, discussing the great ‘UX’ of an application or the poor ‘UI’ of a website. But do we ever tried to delve over them? Are UI & UX wholly different, or they overlap, or UX is a subset of UI or are these just some slangs that developers use in their Web applications? Know it here.

The acronyms UI & UX means User interface and User Experience respectively. These both elements are crucial for the successful captivating and eye-catching development of a website. For simple understanding, UI is how a website looks, UX is how it is working. UX is a process, while UI is a deliverable. Let’s elaborate it in a detailed manner.

User Interface:

User Interface refers to the design of a website. In simple words, the UI interface is anything with which a user interacts to use a website or application. It includes everything such as texts, images, videos, documents, form, labels, drop-down lists, graphic design and behavior like what happens if you click/drag or type.

The user interface plays an important in the look of the website. A user finds a website attracting only if it has a captivating UI. The goal of the UI designer is to create such a UI that can engage users, beautiful, and also creates an emotional response from the user to make your products more attracting and beautiful.

User Experience:

Firstly UX is not UI, many people think that are synonyms to each other but they are quite different. While UI makes interfaces beautiful, UX makes them useful. UX design is about creating a pain-free and enjoyable experience of a product to the user. For a great UX of a product, it should be useful, easily usable, findable, accessible, desirable and valuable for the user.

It is the responsibility of the UX designer for ensuring that the product should meet the needs of the customer and allows them to get their desired outcome seamlessly.

Still not satiate about UI & UX??

Let’s understand the concept of UI & UX by a real-world example:

Think of a building. The physical structure of the building is its coding. The other systems such as electricity, plumbing etc are the functionality of the building – the user experience. The interior components of the building such as windows, gates, floor, ceiling etc are how the building owner interacts with it and the enjoyment of it – the user interface.

In the above example, the two are separate functionalities. However, both these entities rely on each other but there is little coinciding. If UX design relates to the functionality of the building, then UX design would need to come first, and UI design would wait to implement after UX was completed.

Although UX and UI are quite different things but the designers of both work closely with UX researchers and marketers to understand their users through research and surveys.

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