Google Analytics Vs Firebase Analytics

Google Analytics Vs Firebase Analytics

Google Analytics Vs Firebase Analytics

Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics, similar in names, are a lot different in their purposes. GA is the component of marketing tool in the Google Marketing Platform.  The purpose of Google Analytics is focused on web orientation while of Firebase is focused on mobile.

Initially, firebase was itself a company until Google purchased it in 2014. And then after the acquisition, Google released the Firebase and Firebase analytics to the public.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics majorly focus on web orientation. GA provides the services to analyze the different campaigns of the website and their performance such as Pay per click, Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing, content marketing, and advertising.

Google Analytics uses a pageview tracking technology, which is not limited to mobile apps and can be used for both mobile apps and websites. Unlike in Firebase Analytics where automatic tracking is available, in Google Analytics the developer needs to code for each event which needs to track.

Benefits of Google Analytics over Firebase:

  1. Google Analytics focuses more on websites but you can use it for both websites and mobile apps.
  2. It covers the SLA i.e Analytics 360 Service Level Agreement.
  3. GA is Page-based while FA is event-based.

Firebase Analytics:

As mentioned above, Firebase analytics is a part of the Firebase platform.  FA use an event-based data collection architecture, which is unique to mobile apps. The firebase analytics tracks events automatically. These events are sessions such as when the app was opened, session starts, when it got update & removed, and push notifications were responded.

Why Firebase is Mobile App Platform?

Firebase Analytics includes a whole set of mobile application tools which ay mobile app developer can easily run. Examples of such tools are database storage, cloud messaging and hosting, many tools that can help to grow the traffic on apps, such as push notifications and app indexing.

Benefits of Firebase over Google:

  1. Audiences: Firebase Analytics can create large audiences using firebase notifications and/or by using a firebase remote configuration.
  2. Low method counts: The method count of Google is a count of 18,607 methods and uses 4 Kilobytes for dependencies while the count of firebase is of 15,130 methods and uses the only 1kb for dependencies.
  3. Free Reporting: Firebase analytics provided unlimited reporting for up to 500 events in free.
  4. No Singleton requirement: To set up Google Analytics on Android, Singleton requires while firebase analytics are simply available by fetching the instance directly from where we need to track data. It makes the flow of setup much easier.
  5. Single Console: The complete data for firebase services are available on a single console which makes it easier to navigate from checking the analytic statistics of the app to view the reports.

Now, Which is better Google Analytics or Firebase Analytics?

It entirely depends on the purpose, limits and reporting requirements of your web or mobile based application.

  1. Firebase focuses on mobile while Google works for both but it is more suitable for web-based applications.
  2. Firebase provide 500 event names, however, there is no limit to the number of events you can log and they are free of cost. While in Google Analytics has a limit after which you have to pay for the additional costs.
  3. In terms of reporting, firebase is an event-based model i.e. it focuses on the users who complete certain events. In firebase, the number of parameters that can attach to events is 50. While GA is session-orientation based model. Google analyze what users do on the website and gives the combined information of the activities. In the free version, you can set only 20 events and in paid version these events increases to 200.

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