Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications

What are Progressive Web Applications?

Progressive Web Applications are those applications which use many modern web development technologies to give a mobile-app like experience to users. There are certain requirements that need to meet, are accessible through URLs, deployed to servers, and are indexed with the help of search engines.

Basically, PWAs are those user experiences which can reach the web with a fast, reliable and engaging interface. These apps can load in seconds and never get down, even in uncertain networks. PWAs give smooth and silky animations and no dilapidated scrolling with quick response to user interactions. These apps feel like a natural app on the mobile device with a captivating user experience. You can deploy your app as a PWA or even as a native app and can take advantage of both channels.

Requirements of Progressive Web Applications:

These are the certain requirements for a PWA app:

  1. Progressive: The app should work for every user regardless of the choice of browser user using. As these apps are built using progressive advancement as a core factor.
  2. Responsiveness: The app should be capable to fit in any form whether it is a mobile device, tablet, desktop or any other device.
  3. Connectivity: It should be capable to work in low network or even in offline mode.
  4. Safety: The app should be provided with the SSL layer to prevent eavesdropping and to ensure the content is not tampered or served via TLS to prevent snooping.
  5. Installable and Linkable: A PWA is easily shareable by URL and should not require any complex method to install the app.

Benefits of Progressive Web Applications:

There are many benefits of building a Progressive Web Applications, it increases the conversations, also grow engagement and gives a better user experience. PWAs give most benefits to the users who use website occasionally, rather than patrons, especially in retail e-commerce. As only a very small fraction of retail customer will download its app as they are occasional customers. So, the retailers should create a mobile app experience for frequent or loyal customers only. Then use PWAs to add app features to its website to convert a large mobile web audience into loyalty mobile app users.

There are many other benefits of PWAs, such as:

  1. Low Cost:  The cost of developing a Progressive Web Application is much less than as that of a native application. A business that needs a native app, needs to develop that app for both Android and iOS devices. This increases its building cost especially for startups and new businesses.
  2. SEO friendly: Along with the low data consumption, less storage, and minimum cost, PWAs approach also increases accessibility and searchability of the app. These apps get load fast which increases the search engine rankings.
  3. Fewer requirements of Updates: The conservative native apps installed on mobile devices are required to update regularly. This requires a huge amount of data. PWAs don’t have this problem. These are similar to websites. So whenever the website gets an update you can use the updated PWA. Hence, you don’t need to update it regularly.
  4. Low data consumption: With the increase in mobile data rates, PWAs are a boon in saving the data consumption. These apps require only a fraction of data usage compared to the native apps. A native app which consumes 10mb of data can be cut to 500kb if changed into a Progressive web app.
  5. Offline Availability:  Many users download PWAs because  PWAs can work on very low networks and even without internet connection.

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