Role of AWS in small IT agency

Role of AWS in small IT agency.

AWS or the Amazon Web Service is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides an on-demand computing platform and API to individual companies and governments.

It also provides other facilities like:

  • Machine learning algorithm
  • Database structure
  • Compute power
  • Other facilities that help to scale and grow the business

Initially, it provides a free tier or a free trial for 12 months. In this period, one can use it to do anything in the cloud-like to launch a new application or to use the existing one or to gain hand inexperience in using it. After this period, it charges a very nominal fee of about $8-$10 USD per month.

What is the role of AWS in small IT agencies? 

With great technological advancement and modernization, the IT sector is developing at a great pace. With such a huge development and advancement, the companies and businesses got the need for such a technology that can handle most of their online work. So, AWS provides such cloud offerings to small IT industries at a very low cost that the existing big companies are already using. Through this, the companies can get the advantage of computing resources, the ability to scale up quickly.

AWS helps in rapid growth, scalability, and security facilities to the small industries, which are the key to success.

In today’s world, with such a huge customer, every company wants a million customers. But sometimes it becomes impossible for them to record all of them on a single platform. So, AWS provides technical assistance and a huge cloud base where the small companies can get their millions of customers recorded in a systematic way. AWS is considered best for companies with small startups or those who want to grow in a very short time.

  • Rapid growth 

AWS has considered best for small IT industries because small IT companies have always the challenge of increasing the client base from month to next month. However, It solves this issue of small industries by providing their customer access to a huge network of servers worldwide. AWS has millions of customers and about thousands of its partners globally.

  • Scalability

With such a huge dynamic environment, it becomes difficult for small industries to cope with changing technologies and trends. So, AWS provides its industries with an AI facility that helps them to get the best tools that will be beneficial according to the changing environment. AWS provides significantly more services and facilities than any other service provider, which makes it faster, easier and more cost-efficient to make the companies shift their applications to the cloud and build anything up to the imagination. It also has an AWS partner network with thousands of software integrators and vendors that automatically adapt their technologies to work with AWS.

  • Security

AWS is also best in providing secure cloud services available today. They also provide security service to global banks, military, and other sensitive areas. It also provides these services to small IT industries and companies so that they can also get the same security standards used by the big multinational companies. It also provides the small industries the access to cutting edge technologies available.

  • Easy to host applications:

AWS will help its users in making the hosting their applications very easy. In addition, It will also help to make the complete task of deployment and management very simple. AWS will also prove to be beneficial for the small businesses that operate in fast-paced industries. as it will allow for extreme scaling, monitoring, and load balancing.

  • Low-cost data migration:

The small IT sector faces the biggest problem of their data migration. This is because it costs very high for them but AWS will help in making this task very easy and in low cost. so far more what these sectors will require to manage their organization.


AWS has 76 availability zones and 24 geographic regions around the world, which will provide global reach to small companies and those who have their startups. Also, it helps small industries become competent to huge MNCs by providing all the facilities and technologies used by them. It provides the same access to the small industries, too, as used by corporate executives. Since it provides the facility to pay the pricing option, it becomes a great product for those small IT industries. So, AWS has the potential to fuel the online growth of small IT industries.

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