What are the best PHP frameworks for your web apps?

A web application or web app is a client-server computer program in which the client, consisting bog the user interface and client-side logic runs in a web browser. Web apps split work between server and client. The server is always on the internet and provides the client with the URL(Uniform Resource Locator), with which it becomes accessible.

A web app is also a tool with which business can be managed and controlled. It is also dynamic and faster as they don’t take up any memory or storage on the user’s device.A good foundation is important for a sustainable home, the same way frameworks are the foundation for quality websites. Website with responsive features built with good framework and hours of coding avoided ensuring efficiency and time management.

PHP has different frameworks which come in all shapes and size that aims at developers coming with different levels of experience, application needs, hosting capabilities and development time- frame. The small application does not need a lot of libraries but on a large-scale; So the developer choosing the framework for web application need is attentive and cognizant. Continue reading