The difference between AR and VR

The difference between AR and VR

With different technologies evolving each and every day, keeping a track of everything becomes a challenge. Few such technologies, however, tend to stay with you and make a mark. The application of them across different features makes it stand up and above others.

AR and VR have definitely been touted as one of the best technologies of the coming times. With multiple interfaces and industries integrating both into their areas, it is something that needs special attention. But do you know what is it all about anyway? Well, fret not because we have the perfect solution.

What are AV and VR?

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is not like VR or Virtual reality which makes you feel as if you are in a whole new world. As the name suggests, it simply augments or increases the current state of affairs in your surroundings. For example, you have clear visors which help you view certain things in an accentuated form which makes the experience more lifelike. Off late Samsung has been making path-breaking research in the field by introducing AR glasses which intend to do away with your phone screen. Imagine a world where you put visors on your eyes and your phone in the pocket and you get all of it viewed without even moving. Do certain tasks, set notifications, get that job done without even moving a finger.  In terms of a layman, imagine a scenario where you go scuba diving and another where you visit an aquarium. Augmented reality is more like that shark in the fish tank popping out in your presence.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is basically you are putting on that VR machine on your head and probably swimming with the sharks from the above example. For all you know you could be a shark yourself and you can get into tussles which are fun for you. Virtual reality is immersive, VR counts on imagination and development. Unlike Augmented reality which does not demand that there be essential hardware component in the system, VR is dependent on the VR machine. Virtual reality transports you to a whole different world where everything is unreal. It is out of the box and has taken the market by storm. You can practically be closer to your senses and present anywhere you want.

Difference between the both

AR and VR are often used interchangeably because of their features. But there are different like chalk and cheese. AR bridges the gap and you get a better insight into what you are viewing in your own surroundings, unlike VR where you do not have anything to do with reality at all. Be it Microsoft Hologram or Googles VR, it is definitely trying to minimize the human interaction and make the system more interactive which is a good thing.

With multiple startups taking the initiative to roll out programs which have an expanded sense of touch, sight, and hearing, both have equivalent potential to alter realities and how the world fares in their presence. To make it simple, Pokémon Go is what augmented reality looks like. Virtual reality is you sitting in Los Angeles and trekking Mount Kilimanjaro in -5 degrees.

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