What is Agile Methodology?

What is Agile Methodology?

What is Agile Methodology? Let’s know about in detailed

Do you know that many organizations are adopting Agile methodologies?  Because it enhances team performance and offers the customers ultimate satisfaction while increasing project versatility. Many of the organizations using this methodology for software development. It is one of the most popular approaches that aids in responding well to the unpredictability of software construction.

Here are the complete details you need to know. 

What is Agile? 

The agile methodology of software development involves continuous development and testing going on side by side. It is very beneficial in the current scenario where software is updated regularly and new requirements have to be implemented within a short span of time. It is the people-focused approach to software development, hence offers desired results. The methodology adapts to the ever-evolving changes in the world and offers the result you expect. 

Wondering how? It revolves around adaptive planning, organization by self, and shortest
delivery time of projects. Agile methodology has become popular due to its flexibility and fastness. Its quest to improve quality continuously using powerful tools like Extreme Programming and Scrum. 

Four pillars of the agile methodology are: 

1. Individual or team discussions 
2. Responding to change  
3. Keep the software in working condition.  
4. Collaborating with customers 

Why Choose Agile? 

Why do different teams choose Agile? It is because it adapts to the changes in the marketplace as well as the customer feedbacks fast without affecting the plans. 

Following are the reasons why
organizations are choosing Agile over waterfall: 

1. Short-Term Plan 

For each project, your team opts for a small amount of planning as well as shipping. So, it lets the team customer feedback on the changes and integrates it in your plans without stretching your budget.  

2. Interacting With Customers 

The agile methodology gives utmost importance to communicate with the customers and the team members. In addition, Transparent communication will help get a working solution to the problems logged by the customers. 

3. Shared Vision 

An agile team has a shared understanding of the vision. While every team sets specific 
standards to meet the high-quality, the team works together to reduce any conflicts in the later stage of project development.

Benefits of Agile Methodology 

In the waterfall method, the teams complete a project by spending their time, effort, and money. But, the project has chances of failing due to making small mistakes in the early stages. 
However, agile methodology avoids the risk of loss of time, effort, or money as the team works directly with the customers.  As a result, the team understands all the goals completely. After that provides the ideal solution for meeting customer needs without any delay. 

1- Faster And Smaller Phases 

The agile methodology does not follow several phases for project completion. It deploys 
the first increment within a few weeks and delivers software in a few months. 

2- Seamless Communication 

Teams following agile methodology give importance to communication. So, the team arranges face-to-face meetings to ensure the project stays on track even when the conditions change. 

3- Regular Feedback 

As the team never waits to gauge the success of the process until the delivery phase, the agile methodology focuses on regular feedback. So, the progress of project development is measured regularly after the team delivers each increment.
Rather than waiting until the delivery phase to gauge success, teams leveraging Agile methodology track the success and speed of the development process regularly.  As a result, Velocity is measured after the delivery of each increment. 

4- Develop Trust 

The teams following the agile methodology are self-organizing. Therefore, they do not follow the rules provided by the management to get a result. The teams choose their path by understanding the goals to ensure success. 

5- Adjust Process 

The team adjusts the processes frequently by following a Keep It Simple (KIS) procedure. 
So, the project has a high-quality. 
The agile methodology makes sure your team stays on task and meets the goal for customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the KadamTech team follows the agile methodology using the Scrum framework. Our Developers having experience of all the tools & resources that are required to achieve the Agile methodologies.
Write to  for more detail at sales@kadamtech.com 

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