Why Should Upgrade The Website To Magento 2?

Why Should Upgrade The Website To Magento 2?

Magento 1 is ending its support on 30th June 2020. It means that without upgrading your website to Magento 2, you will fail to receive security updates. No security patches or quality fixes will be deployed for Magento 1 after 30th June. Do you realize the danger of not receiving security updates? It means your CMS will become vulnerable to web attacks.

A web store without the latest security can face a high risk of hacking and infection from malicious code, which will put your customer’s confidential information at risk. So, you need to take the necessary steps to your website safe and attractive to your customers. So, if you are using Magento 1, then it is time to upgrade to Magento 2 to save your time, resources, and energy. 

Magento 2 released in 2015 will not save your effort but also help you develop an impeccable and improved platform with several new features. So, the targeted customers will have an easier, faster, and hassle-free shopping experience.

Wondering why we should upgrade your website to Magento 2? Following are the reasons:

1.Improved Performance 

Like any upgrade, Magento 2 is better than Magento 1, but is it a significant enough reason to choose it? You need to know that Magento 2 has better performance and scalability compared to the earlier version. It comes with an improved indexer for enhancing query performance speed.

2. Secure Information Handling

Magento 2 is more secure as it has focused on security. So, customers can experience a secure checkout process.

3. Improved Checkout System

Magento 2 streamlines the checkout process. So, it is faster compared to Magento 1. With reduced checkout time, you can see high conversion rates and low cart abandonment.

4. Responsive Design

Your website builds on Magento 2 is easier to browse on different kinds of devices as it has a front-end design. Therefore, irrespective of the device, the design is engaging and easy to use.

5. Upgraded Add-to-cart

Magento 2 has Ajax add-to-cart, that prevents reloading of the page every time the customer adds a product to the cart. So, the pages load faster and prevent a high bounce rate, which is common in Magento 1.

6. Segmentation Of Database 

Due to having a single database for developers, admin, and customers, Magento 1 suffered from database overload. So, it affected the user interface. Magento 2 overcomes the problem by splitting the database into different categories, which helps scale the potential of the website.

7. Ease Of Navigation

Admins find Magento 2 interface simpler and easier to navigate without assistance from the developer. Magento 1 has a complicated interface, which was easier for people adept in working with complex e-commerce store interfaces.

8. Advanced Reporting

For better e-Commerce business management, you need real-time and dynamic reporting. However, Magento 2 offers the necessary metrics for better management of your business.

9. Easy Installations And Upgrades

In addition, For enjoying the latest product and functionalities, it is essential to upgrade to the latest version. Magento 2 offers easy upgrades and installations.

10. Smooth Customization

Customization is possible with Magento 2 as users can pitch offers as well as discounts to customers based on their past preferences. It is easy to maintain the customization even after installing product patches.

While upgrading your website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 may seem like a stressful and costly endeavor, it will only make your company outshine in the e-commerce industry. Magento 2 provides your customers with several features, smooth implementation, and good experience. So, it is worth the investment.

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