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Why web application maintenance and support is a matter of thing?

Launching a web application for either your business, organization, blog or any other purpose has always been a big undertaking. As a client, you may be tempted to see the launch day as the ending line of the project, but actually, it is the beginning of a new growth phase.

As like a house or a car, you keep it maintained so that it will go for a longer time,  a web application is something which also requires proper maintenance. In the website maintenance, plenty of things gets include such as new updates, security, repairs, new features will keep your web application runs swiftly, and meets the needs of your user base.

The best practice in this is to give the website maintenance and support responsibility to a development firm after the launch. The team should have good expertise in your website technology.

In this article, you will get to know about the post-launch needs of a web app, who should you hire, why your website needs to grow continuously, and what would be the most cost-effective methods.


What are the general requirements after the website launch?

After the successful website launch, you have to find ways by which your website can be improved, sleek, and get adjust as per your needs. Generally, it includes troubleshooting for patches, updates, and issues fixes. Certain analytics needs to be employed to gauge the online traffic on your site along with the security updates. Also, new content or sites pages are needed to create.

1. Security Updates and fixes:

PHP CMS such as Magento, WordPress, Drupal, required fixes, patches and critical security updates on a regular basis. Your website also needs security from getting hacked as it can lead to losing the data or even complete control of your website. For this, you will definitely need a team to facilitate these fixes on a periodic basis. This will make your website is safe and secure.

2. Troubleshooting:

There are many instances at which you want to customize your website or require some changes to do. For instance, a plugin is disrupting the functionality or there is an issue on the flow of the website, then proper troubleshooting is what you need.

3. Analytics:

One of the critical aspects of your site is monitoring and interpreting data. You need to analyze which pages of your website are most viewed, what is your bounce rate, changing trends, and much other information, to make your strategy run forward. A strong experienced team can analyze all these information using certified tools like Google Analytics by which you can make the adjustments as per the requirements.

4. Regular Content Creation:

What makes a great website better than a mediocre website is the ability to adjust and adapt. And it not only includes what content you need to add but also when and how you need to publish it. Upgrading your content as per the trends and including all-time content is surely relevant to your audiences and search engines.

5. Continuous SEO Optimization:

For increasing the traffic on your website, the search engine optimization should be done on a regular basis. This will eventually lead to a better conversion rate on your website. An SEO expert knows the current changing trends, search queries, keywords, ranking procedures, and other factors which can drive traffic on your website.

Which method is the most cost-effective for website maintenance?

When you need a mechanic for your car, you give priority to one who specializes in your car brand. The reason is he will do the work faster and better than any other random mechanic. Similarly, the team who specializes in your website technology knows about it in a better manner; and because of this, they will begin the after-launch maintenance services very quickly. While those who don’t specialize will first understand the structure of your website, then will begin your work.

Since such works are on an hourly basis, so many people are ready to work at low hourly rates. But they may end up in making more bill compared to those who asked for reasonable rates and better efficiency.

What to remember while looking for a maintenance team?

There are certain you need to remember while searching for a team who will look after your website.

1. History of the company:

While hiring a company or a team, you should delve their prior work whether they are having the experience in your requirements or not. You should also check the reviews and ratings they got for the similar from their prior clients.
A company with the best reviews and ratings would be of course best suitable for your site maintenance.

2. Technical Expertise:

The technical expertise or skills of the team should definitely meet your project technology. Just like a neurologist can’t cure heart diseases, however, he is a doctor, but not a specialist in heart diseases. Similarly, you should hire that team or company who is having expertise in your project technology and have worked on it earlier.

3. Debugging Skills:

Clearly, website maintenance and support are mostly about fixing crashes, debugging bugs, maintain the security of the website and preventing it from attacks, so the team should have expertise all these factors.

4. Communication:

Proper communication is key to better work. Make sure the team you hire is available on a regular basis to communicate with you, however for different time zones, the timings can be decided by the mutual consent.

5. Cost:

Cost is also a factor, however, firstly you should focus on the above parameter especially skills and prior experience. If they have met then you can analyze the cost and make sure that it is in your budget.

How should you hire the company in terms of costs?

1. Dedicated basis:

In this, you can hire a team for website maintenance which would be dedicated available for your web application. So that whenever any crashes, bugs or any issue arises, they immediately resolve it.

2. A Fixed Contract:

It would be best if you hire a team on a contract basis of either a month or for a fixed number of hours. In this the cost would be pre-decided.

We at Kadamtech always maintains syncing with their clients to discuss how their sites are working, any improvement required, and how the team can help them to implement new features, updating of technologies, new better design, etc.

We are dedicatedly available for your web application maintenance and support. We are providing our services to offshore clients from US, UK, Malaysia, and Europe in mobile and web applications.

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