Top 10 Open Source E-commerce platforms

Top 10 Open Source E-commerce platforms

Selling products on an online platform has become a much-hyped trend. And why shouldn’t it be anything otherwise? After all, it gives your products the much-desired exposure to a generic niche audience. With all the hard work and dedication, you have culminated a website and the impeccable product. Has it already drained all the estimated budget that you thought would suffice? Stop worrying because there are multiple open source e-commerce platforms that can help you drive the sales without costing you an arm and a leg. Have a look at the best and top 10 most preferred open source eCommerce platforms. Continue reading

Do you want to grow your business? Here are 5 way to do

Business growth is a necessity for the survival of any business and economic well-being of business owners. Most of us keep looking for the ways to get our business beyond the bare sustenance level. It’s not really tricky to learn how to grow a business. There are lots of ways that can be used successfully for any sort of business owner to grow his/her business.

Here are 5 effective ways that you can follow: Continue reading

Benefits of hiring Remote developer

Benefits of hiring Remote developers

Everyone desires a flexible work style. An in-house development team usually runs a high risk of getting burned out. However, hiring a completely remote developer team has its own advantages. Gone are the days when communication was an issue. With latest developments and advancements in terms of engaging teams, remote work is more likely to be a boon in disguise.

 The major benefits of having a remote developer team on-board. Continue reading

digitize business

10 Steps to digitize your business?

Do you want to digitize your business? If yes, then you are on right track as generating a paperless of digitizing workplace help digitize business save time and money. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some critical steps that you should take in order to start a paperless system for your business. Here are the 10 Steps to digitize your business

1. Stores files in the cloud:

You might have heard about the cloud-based system, it can be so helpful. You can store files in the cloud like Dropbox. This is very easy to save your important document safe and secure. The paperless digital system can help save lots of space in the office that you need to store your important files.

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Android Mobile Application Development: Trends to Follow

Android Mobile Application Development

Smartphone has become an integral part of our everyday life. From waking up with a morning alarm to checking emails, it has become an important and useful part of our everyday life. With the thriving growth in smartphone users, the number of mobile apps has also increased. There are billions of people are using the Android smartphone all across the world and Android Mobile Applications have also become an essential part of their lives. The whole world seems using these apps as these apps play a very important role in simplifying the life and fulfil day to day requirements of users. Trends in Android App Development seem unlimited.

Here we have provided a brief about the latest Android mobile app development trends. Continue reading

Web designing

10 most popular web design & Development Companies in Malaysia

Web designing and Web development are the disciplines that involve production and maintenance of the websites. SEO, graphic designing, interface design are a few challenging fields that are made simpler because of web designing principles. As far as venturing into the field is concerned, no country has left any stone unturned to ace at it. Malaysia has been a forerunner in the web development and web design field. You can easily find a good Web Design Company in Malaysia. There are Multiple firms have been competing for the top notch position ever since the inception. However, only a few made it to the top 10 list: Continue reading

mobile app development

Mobile app comparison: Hybrid VS Native for Enterprise – What to Consider

With the technology growing by leaps and bounds, new industry types are evolving continuously. One such industry is mobile app development.

From buying groceries to finding suitors for marriage, we have mobile app development for almost everything today. Using these apps simplifies our life to a great extent, but behind the scenes is diligence and efforts of many people.Designing and developing apps require specialized skills and knowledge. Continue reading