Technical SEO: Most Important Tactic of SEO For your Website

As we know that our human body can’t stand without a backbone, similarly technical SEO is also a backbone of a website. It doesn’t matter how much your website is appealing and engaging the users but if you have not done the Technical SEO then all efforts will go in vain.

Imagine you have the knowledge of some aspects which are most important in the world and every person on this earth is going to die to read it. At the very day, you write about this aspect on your blog. People fall on your website to read about those aspects.

But your website takes a lot of time to load. Your visitors are bouncing back with the increasing load time of your website. If you imagine the scenario you can imagine the criticalness of technical SEO. Web page Speed is only one amongst the wide range of technical SEO.

We all know that the future is mobile-friendly

Nowadays we are seeing every person is glued with his smartphone and mostly all of the time people are killing their time with a smartphone. Google sensed this trend very early and start working to adapt his search engine algorithms mobile friendly.

In 2015 Google makes its algorithms mobile friendly which is known as “Mobilegeddon”. This was Google first step to change its algorithm from Computer Based to Mobile Based.

At the end of the year 2016, Google announced its mobile-first indexing plans which could be a game changer.

Due to this reason, users tend to use their mobile phones more frequently than desktop for searching purpose.

Nowadays more than half of searches come from mobile devices

Google understands this trend of mobile back in 2015 and started working for the mobile version of websites and to show that it is damn serious about it, Google reminds us to make our websites mobile friendly at the end of the year 2017.

Now the question arises why should we care about Google?

Because Google captures around 93 percent of mobile search engine market which is a huge share. Now it’s our turn to make our site ready for this change. There are two ways for it. One is the easiest way and another one is a bit hard to manage. By owning the easiest way we make our web pages in such a way that the can adjust themselves as per the screen which knowns as a responsive web-page. In the second method, you need to make a separate site for mobile which should have below features

  • Your website mobile version should have all important information which you deliver in your desktop versions such as high-quality images and videos.
  • Mobile Version of your website should have the same structure as like of desktop.
  • Metadata should be used on both mobile and desktop version.
  • The server of your mobile website should be able enough to entertain Search Engine Crawler likes Google-Bot.
  • Check is your mobile version is readable by Google with Google’s robots.txt tester.

Importance of Speed

Speed is a critical issue both for your mobile and desktop version of your website. If the users have to wait long for loading of the website then they prefer leaving your website without reading the information on your website.

If your website loading time is much more then the user goes again to search engine and click on another relevant link. This behavior of user called “Pogo-Sticking “ and Googles hates it. If Google finds out this particular behavior of user then it thinks that you do not offer relative content to the user and it start to decrease your keyword ranking from its search engine results page.

Other than that if you have a focus on terms like Bounce Rates, Time on site and Customer Engagement then you can find out these terms are so crucial for your website and directly related to your websites loading speed.

Now the question arises where we can check whether the speed is up to the bar? Then I can tell you the number of portals or tools where you can check out your website speed

You should check the speed of all your websites pages because it is seen that some pages have blazing fast speed and some are slow as molasses. Below are the common reasons for the speed issue with the website:

  • Poorly Optimized Images
  • Too Big Images
  • Too many CSS requests for images
  • Not using Caching Information
  • No use of Compression Technique
  • Do not use a dedicated hosting server

It is hard to get a perfect score on the Google page speed tool in your first chance but you can improve it.


Errors can Prohibit rankings of the website

Errors in sites are very frustrated for both website owners and users. Even Google Bots did not like these site errors. These errors occur due to broken links, incorrect redirects, and missing pages.

Following are some suggestion for the errors which are mainly found in web pages:

  • You have to deal with 404 errors and fix them
  • The preferred use of 301 permanent redirects on 302 temporary redirects.
  • Fix your broken links properly.
  • Regularly watching Duplicate site content
  • Know other website errors like poor website structure, use of schema mark up tools and build your structure data
  • Use of Google snippet
  • Should have a working Sitemap
  • URLs aren’t too long and messy
  • Avoid the use of URLs which include query parameters
  • Missing Title and Description Tags
  • Missing Alt and Title tags in images


Security: Its significance increases day by day

Have you ever given attention on HTTP:// which is written before the www in the URL of a webpage.   Nowadays if you want to run your ads on Google with this HTTP:// then Google will deny your ads. Moreover, if you use Google Chrome Browser then Google will show error before your website will open. This lead to a loss of website visitors from your site and it also affects your Google Ranking on Search engine result page as Google thinks that your page is not compatible to search query because the user is leaving from your page. So it is wise to buy the SSL Certificate due to which the URL will start with https://. There are different types of SSL certificate, you should determine which one is right for your website.



Search engine guidelines are changing constantly and every time when a search engine like Google changes its algorithms you have to adapt accordingly. It is only possible when you understand the updates completely and adapt your site completely according to the update. This might spin your head but the good news is, these updates will not change frequently. If you make your website compatible with these updates of a search engine then the search engine will love it and show your website in its search result pages.

Make your page compatible with Search Engine updates and found success in search engine result pages.

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