Future trends in IT

What are the Top 5 future trends in IT that you should brace yourself for?

With manual jobs being dumped left, right and centre, the world is advancing towards a more digital platform. This includes mining that data and making use of it to make better business decisions. You get to know your customers better and analyze the future trends in IT just by looking at the numbers.

It is complex yet simple. It is innovative yet makes use of old-school principles which are second to none.

But what are these future trends in IT and why do they have an impact?

Let’s find out.


Imagine doing away with the regular ledger system which is also susceptible to damage and fraud. Blockchain in a layman’s language is that Nash loop network with an additional layer of validation and verification. Heard of Bitcoin? It is the first cryptocurrency that took the implementation of blockchain to a whole new different level. A distributed ledger system which goes for authentication and approval across network participants. So, the transactions records are categorized as blocks which are protected and then distributed across all participants.

Augmented Reality

Smartphones becoming obsolete. Can you imagine that? Picture a world which will make you want to ditch the trend and opt for an Augmented Reality feature such as Pokémon Go! Affordable heads-up displays, phones in your pockets, instructions translated and given to you in a language you understand and so much more. Replacing Wi-Fi with Li-Fi, and a base bandwidth that allows you to connect everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence

With innovations in deep learning, neural networks, machine learning, so on and so forth. So, organizations have been rolling out technology that does not require human effort anymore. Artificial Intelligence is termed for processes which integrate human interaction and machines in an effortless way. As a result, machines, systems, and bots that are capable of developing and responding like humans, are the new trend and developers making it a reality are hot cakes in the market. Therefore, you haven’t missed out the Google assistant demo this year in California, have you? Brave ideas, natural learning, business strategies, the sky’s the limit and now organizations are willing to risk it too!

Internet of Things

Smarter interactions, better interactions, a potential collaboration of different systems together where wired and wireless systems work together, and seamlessly integrate human and machine interaction, is what IOT does to technology. Bringing in smart solutions to customers is the focus and the IoT makes it possible.

Natural Language Processing

Using chatbots to respond to your queries in your language with the same range of emotions, doesn’t it sound intriguing? So, integration of the natural language into software’s and websites is one of the best things to have happened to technology and is only expected to gain traction in the upcoming years. Complex algorithms responding to you in a fraction of second is what you need. A world where bot gives better solutions to your problems by analyzing its gravity, complexity and other nuances, is what customers and business expectations. What time would be better than now when every possible technology is working in your favour?

Develop along with developing technologies to keep your top game intact for better opportunities.

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